Sensory Processing Disorder: Hope and Help for Parents


I took my younger son to music class today and as I was sitting with JA, watching him bang the egg shakers together as he intently watched the music teacher singing and dancing, I couldn’t help but notice another child in the classroom. This little boy was very active, running around the room and focused […]

Erupting Rainbow Volcano Experiment

Volcano Experiment

My son turned 5 last week and I’m happy to report that we’ve seen some huge leaps in his fine motor skills development in the last month. WJ is so much more confident using a pencil to write letters and has moved on from his Lego Duplo sets and now spends hours working on his […]

Dealing With Sensory Processing Disorder

Slime Play WJ

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much in the last six months, but honestly I just haven’t had much motivation to post. We continue to  work on reading, spelling, math, arts and crafts, music, geography, science and so many other enriching activities but all of this has been clouded by something else we’ve been dealing with […]

Simple Apple Tissue Paper Craft for Fall

Apple Tissue Paper Craft 2014

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love it as the weather cools (although it’s still been unreasonably warm here in sunny California!), the colors of nature become more vibrant and everyone is filled with excitement as the school year starts and we all anticipate the upcoming holidays. Another thing that’s great about this season […]

Montessori: Fun With The Red Rods Maze

2014-05-19 14.55.59

As we continue on our Montessori journey, I decided to purchase some traditional Montessori materials. One of our favorites so far has been the red rods. It took some time for me to convince my son that the red rods were not to be used as trains but instead were materials to use for our […]

Color Grading Experiment With Food Coloring

2014-05-15 17.18.27

Color Grading Experiment With Food Coloring This week, I worked on color grading with my preschooler using food coloring and water. This is a great sensorial exercise to teach your child differences in color. For this color grading demonstration, we used the following materials from home. The Materials: eye dropper food coloring water 2 mixing […]

Science for Kids: Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

2014-05-14 15.13.35

For this week’s science project, we experimented with baking soda and vinegar. Science Materials Needed We gathered the materials from home: Baking Soda Vinegar Mixing Cups Spoon Food Coloring First, we talked about how vinegar is a liquid and baking soda is a solid. Vinegar is also an acid (acetic acid) and baking soda is […]

Library Time With the Kids

2014-05-12 06.50.52

When I was little, the library was one of my favorite places to visit. I remember always asking my mom to take me to the library. I loved the dusty smell of the old books and I was always excited to look for new adventures as I perused aisle after aisle at our local library. […]

Simple Mother’s Day Craft for Preschoolers

2014-05-05 16.50.47

For Mother’s Day, my kids created this simple flower pot craft made out of construction paper and paint. We will give one to each of their grandmothers for Mother’s Day. First, I traced the pots and stem on construction paper. Then, I cut them out and let my preschooler glue them to the paper. Next, […]

Science for Kids: Rock Crystals

Rock Crystals

We had a blast creating crystals with our latest science experiment. Crystals are three dimensional structures where the molecules form together in a repeating pattern. This experiment doesn’t create instantaneous results but instead you gradually see the crystals form over a period of a week. My son was very excited to see the crystals grow […]